Getting married is the most important decision a couple makes. For a discerning couple, there's no expense too small, and no creativity left unsacred. That's why couples who value luxury, and exclusivity, look for venues that are unique, exciting, and different. For Orlando-area couples looking for something different from the usual banquet hall weddings, the Orlando Museum Of Art presents a unique opportunity for them and their guests. Let's take a look at how the Orlando Museum Of Art stands apart from the rest and why it may be the perfect venue for you. 

Orlando Museum Of Art Wedding venue details :

Address : 2416 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL. 32803

Style : contemporary, unique, artsy

Features : accommodates up to 250 guests, indoor venue, unique decor

Originally founded in 1924, the Orlando Museum Of Art is a cultural mainstay in the heart of the city. Their mission is to "inspire creativity, passion and intellectual curiosity by connecting people with art and new ideas," and their extensive cultural and educational programs have made them a valuable part of the Central Florida community. 

ceremony and reception locations

Couples looking into the Orlando Museum Of Art for their exclusive, luxurious wedding will have their choice of several rooms to choose from. The Council Of 101 meeting rooms offers floor-to-ceiling windows and flexible space. Meanwhile, the Grand Gallery Hall offers incredible natural light, marble floors, and walls filled with exclusive art from the museum. Also, for those that are looking for dramatic flair to their weddings — for those that want to get married on stage — the Suntrust Auditorium, with seating for up to 250 people, is the perfect fit. Those with extensive guest lists can rent out the entire museum for up to six hours. 


The Orlando Museum Of Art has a few policies to bear in mind. Prospective couples can only order their catering from a list of approved vendors. Additionally, couples must present proof of liability insurance acceptable to the museum so that they're covered in the event of any damages. Couples also must incur the cost of any ancillary items, such as wedding rentals and entertainment. For couples looking for a unique and artsy space for their wedding day, the Orlando Museum Of Art is the perfect place to host the wedding of your dreams. If you’d like to inquire how beautifully this orlando wedding venue photographs, please get in touch with us

Price Point

As with all wedding venues, prices certainly vary. Amenities, length of time, and the number of guests all play a role in how much you'll spend for a wedding at the Orlando Museum Of Art. The fee for a ceremony only wedding is $1200 and additional hours can be rented for up to $450/hour. Renting the Rotunda will run about $2800 for a five-hour rental while renting the entire museum will run about $4,000 for a five-hour rental. Please bear in mind that these rental prices are for space only and do not include the cost of things like catering and entertainment.