Luxe Filmography is a wedding videography company in Orlando that provides cinematic and luxurious wedding films in Central Florida. The owner and lead filmmaker, Patrick Janka, has a passion for crafting unique love stories that allow you to relive your wedding day for years to come. Your experience with Luxe Filmography is nothing less than extraordinary.

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Services Luxe Filmography Offers :

Will the wedding videographer have multiple cameras or a second shooter? 

Capturing your wedding day with only one camera is very challenging. If multiple camera angles or a second videographer are not included in your initial videography collection, inquire about adding those additional services to ensure every moment is captured.

How will the wedding videographer capture the audio during your ceremony?

The quality of the audio is one of the most important elements to your wedding video. If you have an outdoor ceremony, wind can alter the overall quality of the audio. Will your wedding videographer rely on a handheld mic,  connect into the DJ's equipment,  put a mic on the groom, or have a combination of audio sources? 

Can you select the music for your wedding video?

Having a conversation with your wedding videographer about your video's music prior to the wedding is a great idea because it will allow your videographer to get a sense of your style and it can also inspire them to shoot in a way that is complimentary to the music you choose. Your videographer can also recommend great alternatives to  mainstream songs.

What is the turnaround time on your wedding video?

After your big day, you are excited to see your wedding video. Will a highlight film be ready in 3-4 weeks? Will the full video be ready in 3 months? Editing takes a bit of time and every wedding videographer's post production is different. Although you don't want to rush the process, having an estimated delivery date is great to know and gives you something to look forward.

things to consider when searching for your Orlando wedding videographer :