Dream Designs Florist is a floral company in Orlando that provides full-service floral designs for weddings and events in Central Florida. The owner and lead florist is Danielle Evans, who truly has a passion for creating beauty and bringing joy to others through her floral arrangements. Dream Designs Florist is a talented and dedicated team that offers delivery, on site setup, and clean up after your big day. Watch your dream wedding vision come to life with breathtaking floral designs created by Orlando’s premier wedding florist.

• Arches • Aisle Decor • Alter Decor • Bouquets •
• Boutonnieres • Chuppah Decor • Floral Crowns •
• Table Arrangements • & More •

Dream Designs Florist Creates arrangements For a number of wedding day elements including :

Will the wedding florist work with the venue to handle any installation restrictions?

Depending on the floral design you'd like for your big day, your wedding florist may have to adjust the design or bring additional supplies to abide by the wedding venue's restrictions. It is best if your florist works directly with your wedding venue to avoid any miscommunication. 

How much time will the wedding florist need for setting up and breaking down your floral design? 

There are some floral designs that require more time to install due to how elaborate they are. Asking how much time your wedding florist will need on the day of your wedding will ensure all your floral elements are ready prior to your guests arrival. 

Can you repurpose your ceremony floral decor for your reception?

You may have a grand floral design for your ceremony that you'd like to repurpose for your wedding reception. Coordinating those details with your wedding florist and wedding planner ahead of time will ensure a smooth transition if it's possible. However, there are certain floral elements that may not be rearranged after your event begins, due to logistics and mobility.

What happens to the floral arrangements after the wedding?

After your big day, you'll have centerpieces and other floral arrangements you get to take home or gift to your guests. However the rented pieces such as the vases, candelabras, and other containers are the florist's. If you'd like to repurpose the floral for a day-after event, discuss the details with your florist so they can add the additional cost of the rentals into your proposal as well as arrange the rentals pick up or drop off time.

things to consider when SEARCHING for your Orlando wedding Florist :